Colloborations 2022- 2023
Sl. No. Title of the collaborative activity Name of the collaborating agency with contact details Name of the participant Year of collaboration Duration Nature of the activity Link to the relavant document
1 Workshop Dept of Bio technology YV University BZC Students 2022 3 years Hands on experiment on Mushroom cultivation View
2 Online learning courses Excel R Degree Students 2022 3 years Online learning courses View
3 Apiculture Certificate course Sri A. Vara Prasad Reddy Organic Farmer Rajampeta Degree Students 2022 3 years Hands on experiment in handling honey bees View
4 Daily farm activities Sri A. Diwakar Reddy Propritor Dairy milk Degree Students 2022 3 years Identification of breeds, routine activities in dairy farm
5 Cattle diseases Dr. D.Sudeesh , Veternary Assistant surgeon, Pullampeta Degree Students 2023 3 years Intellectual abilities regarding cattle's
6 Short term Internship Omkar Educational Society, Udayagiri All final year students 2023 1 year Employability skills View
7 Long term Internships AIL Dixon Technologies PVT limited Paid internships for all BSc Final Year student's, 2023 6 months Inculcating employbility skills View
8 Sharing expertise Annamacharya college of Pharmacy Rajampeta Dr.B.Adi Narayana Lecturer in Botany 2022 3 years Research and extension activity View


SNO Academic Year  Institution Name of Department Nature Evidence Link Activities Link
            1 2
1 2017 - 18 Govt College of Men (A) Dept of Zoology MOU View View  
2 2019 - 20 Community Health Center APVP Kadapa Dept of Zoology MOU  
3 2021 Sri A.Diwakar Reddy Management of cattle farm Dept of Zoology Linkage  
4 2021 Dr.D.Sudeesh Veternary Doctor Pullampeta  Dept of Zoology Linkage  
5 2021 -22 Vara Prasad Reddy Organic Farmer Hasthavaram Dept of Zoology Linkage  
6 2022 Micro Biology YV University  Dept of Zoology Collaboration  
7 2022 Biotechnology YV University Dept of Botany Collaboration View
8 2022 Sri Sathya Sai Fisheries Nandalore Dept of Zoology Collaboration  
9 2022 Dept of Zoology YV University  Dept of Zoology Collaboration  
10 2022 Dept BOTANY YV University Dept of Botany Collaboration  
11 2022 University of Madras  Dept of Telugu Collaboration  
12 2022 Dept of Economics YV University Kadapa Dept of Economics MOU  
13 2022 IIT Delhi Dept of Physics Collaboration  
14 2022 Yogi Vemana University Kadapa Dept of Physics Collaboration  
15 2022 VIT Vellore Dept of Maths Collaboration  
16 2022 JNTU Pulivendala Dept of Maths Collaboration  
17 2022 University of Nebraska at Omaha. USA Dept of Computer science Collaboration  
18 2022 Yogi Vemana University Kadapa Dept of English MOU  
19 2022 Dept of Chemistry Vikrama Simhapuri University  Dept of Chemistry MOU  
20 2022 CP Brown Research center for Languages  Dept of Library Sciences Collaboration  
21 2022 Consultancy with ExcelR Solutions Computer science MOU View View  
22 2022 Annamacharya Institute of Pharmacy college Rajampeta          
23 2022 Annamacharya PG college of Computer studies  Rajampeta Maths Department MOU View View  
24   Govt High school rajampeta Physcial education   View    
25   YV University Physcial education   View    

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