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The Govt. of Andhra Pradesh initiated JKC in 2005 as a reliable solution to the problem of unemployment faced by students studying non-professional courses in Degree colleges of AP. The ever increasing prominence of India on the global map has paved way for a growing demand for hard working and talented students good in computer skills, communication skills and industry related skills. The doors of global job market are opened to students who can speak fluently, compute quickly, write legibly and analyze logically. Jawahar Knowledge Centre’s primary aim is to provide intensive training to students in employable skills and enable students avail themselves of the bright opportunities in the global job market. Remarkably, the centers are best utilized by the poorest of the poor and marginalized sections of the society. Students from rural areas who have no access to advantages experienced by their urban counterparts are provided the latest technologies and opportunities to upgrade their skills and encouraged to compete for better standards of living.

S.No. Name of the Module No. of Hours Syllabus
1  Communication Skills                   – 60 hours
Soft Skills                                     – 30 hours
Ethical Values                               – 10 hours
 100 View
2  Analytical Skills  60 View
3  Technical Skills 60 View
4  General Studies 30 View
Total hours 250
S.No. Name     Designation Position in Committee
1  Dr. G. Krishaiah Principal Chairperson
2  Smt. J. Mohanv Valli Assistant Professor of English Coordinator  
3  Smt. P. Sujatha  Assistant Professor of English Member
4  Sri. T. Hazarathaiah Assistant Professor of Telugu Member
5  Sri. NVS. Narayana Rao JKC Full Time Mentor Member
S.No. Title Report
1  Students’ Training Report 2019-20 View
2  Students’ Training Report 2018-19 View
3  Students’ Training Report 2017-18 View
4  Students’ Training Report 2016-17 View
5  Students’ Training Report 2015-16 View
 Students’  Placements
S.No. Title Report
1  Students’ Placement Report 2019-20 View
2  Students’ Placement Report 2018-19 View
3  Students’ Placement Report 2017-18 View
4  Students’ Placement Report 2016-17 View
5  Students’ Placement Report 2015-16 View
 Campus Drive Reports
S.No. Title Report
1  Campus Annual Drive Report 2019-20 View
2  Campus Annual Drive Report 2018-19 View
3  Campus Annual Drive Report 2017-18 View
4  Campus Annual Drive Report 2016-17 View
5  Campus Annual Drive Report 2015-16 View
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The institution was started in the rural and backward area of Rajampeta in the year 1980 with the moral support of her husband Sri K.Mara Reddy garu. Established in 1980, the College is moving ahead with times and made significant contribution in promoting the cause of education in the backward district of Rayalaseema.


To promote regional hormone and to provide holistic education to the poor meritorious students of the three regions of Andhra Pradesh through quality curricular programmes resulting in students empowerment and to develop the institution to a position of National importance.


Vathalur Road, Rajampeta Post Rajampeta, Kadapa District , Andhra Pradesh.

Phone : 08565-200655

Email : rajampeta.jkc@gmail.com